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The adult film industry has been shut down after five porn stars were revealed to have syphilis.
Now, more than 1,000 Los Angeles-area performers are being tested and administered preventative antibiotics.
The widespread action is a result of rumors that a ‘major male porn video
porn star’ — who could have potentially had unprotected sex with hundreds of women on camera — had the infection but continued to film scenes, according to numerous XXX industry blogs.
The outbreak is likely to bolster a ballot issue in November that aims to force all porn performers to wear condoms during pornography shoots. Condom use has become of political issue in Los Angeles since a 2010 AIDs outbreak, which infected one performer.
Syphilis is a treatable bacterial infection that can be spread by both bodily fluids and contact with infected skin.
Its causes skin lesions and rashes. If left untreated, it can permanently alter and damage internal organs and brain function.

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